Here’s a step by step guide to verify your account on OspreyFX. Once you are verified all our deposit methods will be activate on your account.  

If you don’t complete your KYC verification, you will only be able to deposit or withdraw with Bitcoin.  

What we need from you:  

  • A scanned copy or photo of your ID
  • A selfie  

Before you get started: 

  1. Have a valid ID  
    List to acceptable Proof of Identity documents - Click here.
  2. A device to take a selfie  

Don’t forget to double check the expiry date on your ID document. When it expires you will have to redo the KYC process.  

When you have your documents in hand, click the KYC verification tab on the left-hand side to verify your account.   

Step by Step Guide

  • Click on the KYC Verification option.

  • You will then be redirected to the KYC verification process.
  • You will need to choose your country of residence by clicking the arrow facing down.
  • Please make sure you choose the correct country of residence.


  • Once you have your ID document ready, click the next button (As shown in the below screenshot).

  • You will need to then choose the country of issue (Click the arrow facing down) and the type of ID document you will be providing.

    Please note: The document available to upload will vary depending on which country you select.
  • Please make sure you select the country that issued your document.

  • You will be asked to either take a live photo of the ID document or you can upload one from your computer/device.

  • After uploading the front and back of the ID document that you provided, you will need to take a real-time selfie photo.

  • Once that has been completed, confirm that the ID document you provided us is correct and no changes need to be made before submitting.
  • Click on next.

Please note:  Do not close the browser window/turn off your device/computer while you are waiting for the system to verify your ID document.

Once all the steps have been completed, the following screen will pop up stating that the account is under review.

At this stage, your documents are currently being reviewed. If we need any further documentation for verification purposes, you will be notified via email and/or receive a notification on the "Documents" tab on your account. 

  • If all has been approved, you will see the following screen: