Step by Step Guide

  • Click Download MetaTrader (You will find it at the top of the page) or click here.

  • Click Run once the file downloads (If you are using Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. It will be different on other browsers).

  • Review the terms and conditions and click Next.

  • When it finishes installing, click Finish.

  • Select Osprey-Live if logging into a Live account.

  • Select Osprey-Demo if logging into a Demo account.


  • Select Existing Trade Account.

  • Enter the MetaTrader log in details from the email that you received when you created your MetaTrader account. Click here for more information about how to find these details.

  • Click Finish.


  • Wait a few moments for everything to load, then you will see your account on the left once everything has loaded.


  • Next steps to placing a trade:
    Move funds from wallet to MetaTrader