Before you can place a trade on your MetaTrader account, you first need to move your funds from your OspreyFX wallet to your MetaTrader account. 

If you would like to transfer between wallets, please click here.

Step by Step Guide

  • Click "Transfer".

  • Select - Wallet to MetaTrader
  • Select - Currency of the wallet which has the funds. 
  • Select - MetaTrader account
  • Enter - Amount
  • Click - Request Transfer


  • When making a transfer on our Platform, a pop-up window is made visible to every Trader to confirm the value of the transfer. On this pop-up, you are able to view the amount inputted for the transfer as well as the amount that would be received once the internal transfer is completed.

  • The rate represented by the values in this pop-up notification to you, are those provided by our liquidity providers and upon confirmation of the transfer by the user, we would need to stand by the rates provided.

     If you have completed all the steps here, you are now ready to place your first trade.