You will need to log in to your Account and click on the "Deposit" tab. 


If you are using a 3rd Party Platform to deposit:

  1. Select the "Credit/Debit Card" option.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. Click "Proceed to the payments page".

You will need to complete the payment and enter your card details on the 3rd party provider website to complete sending funds to OspreyFX.

Funds will then shortly be added to your OspreyFX Wallet and visible within your Account. 

Please Note: We support a number of payment gateway service providers. 

Please ensure you are aware of the Descriptor that will be shown on your bank statement.


If you are using our direct credit/debit card deposit option:

Step 1: 
-After clicking on the "Deposit" tab,  select the option for the "Credit/Debit Card" option. 

You will be redirected to the payment portal to enter your card details.
For this example, we will use the minimum of $10 USD as the amount to deposit.

Our Guidelines for depositing via credit/debit card direct on OspreyFX are as follows:

  • Min $10
  • Max $1500 (Per transaction)
  • Max 3 transactions per 24 hours (Per card)
  • Max 10 transactions per 30 days (Per card)

Note: VISA and MasterCard are the accepted card types and the above Guidelines may vary depending on your card issuer's guidelines. 

Step 2: 
-Once you have entered in your 16 digit card number and expiry date, our payment portal will recognize your card to be either VISA or MasterCard, which will auto-design the card image on screen. 

-When you proceed to enter your CVC number (last 3 digits on the back of your card) the card image will turn as below:

Step 3
-Once you have entered in your complete set of card details, proceed to click on 
"Pay xxx USD".

-The system will confirm that the payment is being processed by changing the status of the red button to "Loading..."

Step 4:
-A successful payment will redirect you back to the  "Deposit" tab in your Account. You will be able to see your deposit show immediately in your "Deposit History" and the funds deposited will be sent to your Wallet.

We partner with multiple processors to ensure the best quality of speed and service, therefore descriptors may vary for transactions noted on your card statement.


Step 5:
-Your final step would be to fund your Live Account by making an Internal Transfer. For a guide on how to complete this, please click here