There are a few payment statuses you will see when making a deposit or withdrawal. You will find the statuses below>



  • When you request a deposit – We are waiting for the funds to be sent

For Bitcoin withdrawals.

  • Funds have been sent and need to get 6 confirmation on the Blockchain network. 


  • The deposit has been approved 


  • Customer canceled deposit or deposit has timed out (usually after 48 hours) 
  • A customer has come on to chat or sent us a ticket requesting for the deposit to be canceled.


  • We rejected the deposit (You will find the reason in the comments section).  



  • A customer has requested a withdrawal


  • Going through a standard security check.


   For Bitcoin withdrawals.

  • The funds have been sent to the customer.
  • The Still waiting for 6 confirmations on the Blockchain.


   For Vload withdrawals.

  •    Waiting for you to input the VLoad number


  • The withdrawal has been approved 


  • We rejected the withdrawal (You will find the reason in the comments section).