The “invalid account” / “authorization failed” / “unauthorized” error messages are encountered when you enter your password incorrectly or when you select the wrong server.

Please make sure you select (OspreyFX-Live) as the server when logging in to a Live Account. For your Demo Account, the selection should be (OspreyFX-Demo).

If the server selection is not the issue, please try resetting your MetaTrader password. This can be done from the “My Accounts” section.

Step by Step Guide:

Click on "My Accounts" and select "View" on the Account which you wish to have the password reset. 

Click on "Actions". 

Click on "Change Password" and that will automatically change it for you.

Once that has been done, You will need to copy the password and put it somewhere safe.

Please note: If you click change password, don't copy the password beforehand and click somewhere else you will need to do it again because your password would have been amended and your old one would not work anymore.