Amount of Lots x ( Price  x Contract Size ) ÷ Leverage = Margin Requirement


1.00 x (1.10789 x 100,000 ) ÷ 500 = 221.578 USD

In this example, we are using a Leverage of 500:1


  • Amount of Lots: 
    This is the number of Lots you intend to buy or sell.

  • Price: 
    You can get this from MT4. In the example above, the buy price of EURUSD is 1.10789. Use the Buy price for Buy Trades and Sell Price for Sell Trades.

  • Contract Size: 
    You can get this from the Specifications page for the symbol which is listed under Contract Size.

  • Leverage: 
    This is the Leverage you set when creating your MT4 account. If a symbol is capped at a lower leverage ratio than the leverage you selected, the lower leverage ratio will apply. E.g. BTCUSD has a maximum leverage of 100:1, therefore it can be traded with a leverage of 100:1 or lower.