Before you are able to start trading, you will need to Transfer your funds to your live account. This can be done in two different techniques.

*You need to have the amount available in your OspreyFX Wallet before you can transfer it.

Technique 1:

"Quick Transfer" allows you to transfer funds directly from your Dashboard.

Technique 2:

You are also able to click on the "Transfers" tab on the left-hand side of your account.


  • When making a transfer on our Platform, a pop-up window is made visible to every Trader to confirm the value of the transfer. On this pop-up, you are able to view the amount inputted for the transfer as well as the amount that would be received once the internal transfer is completed.

  • The rate represented by the values in this pop-up notification to you, are those provided by our liquidity providers and upon confirmation of the transfer by the user, we would need to stand by the rates provided.