If you are receiving the No Connection error when you are in MetaTrader, please do the following:

Step By Step Guide   

  • Use correct credentials from the e-mail that was sent to you after creating your Live/Demo Account.
  • Use correct server details.

For the MetaTrader 4:


OspreyFX- Live: mt4.ospreyfx.com:443

OspreyFX- Demo: demo.ospreyfx.com 

Android/iPhone Apps:

Live: Ospreyfx-Live

Demo:  OspreyFX-Demo

For the MetaTrader 5:


Osprey- Live: mt5.ospreyfx.com:443
Osprey- Demo: demo.ospreyfx.com

Android/iPhone Apps:


Live: Osprey-Live 
Demo: Osprey -Demo

Once that has been done, you should be connected to our servers.