Once you have made your first deposit with OspreyFX, you can confidently open up your first live MetaTrader account with ease.

Step By Step Guide

  • From the Dashboard, click "Accounts".
  • In the "My Accounts" section, click "Create Account".

  • Select "Account Type": OspreyFX MT4 ECN for a real account.

  • Select "Currency"

  • Select "Leverage".

Please Note: We cannot give any advice regarding any of the options.

  • Check your email for your "Account number" and "Trader Password".

Please Note: The Investor password is given to a 3rd party to allow them viewing access only. You are in full control of opening and closing your trades.

That's it! You have now created an MetaTrader account.

Please Note: You can create as many MetaTrader accounts as you like. Your leverage can also be changed on any of your existing MetaTrader accounts.

Next steps before placing a trade:

  1. Download and login to MetaTrader
  2. Move funds from your wallet to MetaTrader