Our Islamic Accounts offer trading in compliance with Sharia Law having no applicable swap/rollover fees. Once you have made your first deposit with OspreyFX, you may open your first live Islamic Account.

 Step By Step Guide

  • From the Dashboard, select the My Accounts tab on the left-hand side.

  • Select the Create Account option.

  • Select Trading Plarform and Account Type: 
    OspreyFX MT4 Islamic, OspreyFX MT5 Islamic, or OspreyFX TradeLocker Islamic. 

  • Select the Currency, only USD is available.

  • Select which Leverage you wish to have.

We cannot give any advice regarding any of the options.

  • Check your email for your Account Number and Trader Password.

Please Note: The Investor password is usually given to a 3rd party to allow them view-only access of your account. They will not be able to open/close any trades.

That's it! You have now created an Islamic Trading Account.

You can create as many Trading accounts as you like. You can also change the leverage of an existing account.