Video Guide

Please follow our Step by Step Guide below:

Step 1:
Download the MetaTrader application for MAC by clicking here. Note that the MetaTrader for MAC application runs on the 17th and most recent macOS version, Big Sur and is not compatible with Catalina/prior versions. 

Step 2:
Once the file is downloaded, you will receive the following prompt to install the software by dragging the download to your "Applications" folder. Enter in any administrator or password information required to be able to move this to your Applications folder and allow the installation to proceed. 

Step 3:
You will then be prompted to confirm that you wish to open the MetaTrader application as below. Please click "Open".

Step 4:
Find the MetaTrader application on your machine and click to start the application. You will possibly be prompted to install the "Wine Gecko Installer". Follow the prompts to allow Wine to install this package for you. Click "Install".

Step 5:
Once the Wine Gecko Installer is downloaded and applied, the MetaTrader interface will load in the application and you will be prompted to login to a live trading server by clicking on the green + icon. 

You will need to type in to search for our broker name by typing in "Osprey" and click enter to add our server to your MetaTrader installation.

Alternatively, please enter our server address if you have any issue connecting:

Server: Osprey-Live
Server Address:

This will search and find the Osprey-Live server and add this to your installation. 

Click on the "Osprey-Live" option to select it and then click "Next". 

Step 6:
Ensure that the option to enter in details for an "Existing trade account" is selected and enter in the "Login" which is your account number and "Password" received via email from us when you created your live account. Please make sure to enter your trader password and not your investor password. 

Click "Finish".

Please wait a few moments for everything to load, then you will see your account on the left once everything has loaded.

Next steps to placing a trade:

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