Step By Step Guide

In order to download MetaTrader5, you will need to visit our main page: Click here

You may also wish to download the Metatrader 5 client for Windows: Click here

  • Select the MT4 & Tools tab at the top of the page, you will be presented with the drop-down menu where you can choose to download the MetaTrader5 Trading Platform.

  • You will be redirected to the download page, scroll down, and click: MetaTrader5 Trading Platform.

  • Once you click on the button, then the download process will start automatically.

  • Read the Terms & Conditions and if you wish to accept and continue the process then kindly click the Next button.

  • After the installation is completed kindly chose Osprey Ltd on the list and click again on the Next button.

  • Now all you need to do is to connect with the OspreyFX trading account. Make sure to choose: Connect with the Existing Trade Account and ensure that the server details are set as Osprey-Live as per the screenshot below:

That's it! You have now downloaded and logged in to your MetaTrader 5 account.