Stage 1: Demo
10% Profit in 30 days 
Minimum 10 days of trading 
Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5% 
Max Overall Loss of 12% 


Stage 2: Verification

10% Profit in 30 days 
Minimum 10 days of trading 
Max Daily Loss/Drawdown (Equity) of 5% 
Max Overall Loss of 12%

Daily Loss/Drawdown is calculated by: 

((Current equity - End of previous day equity) / Previous equity) x 100. The calculated percentage would be your daily loss/drawdown.

If you fail to meet the requirements of any stage, you are free to partake in the challenge again by selecting, purchasing, and gaining access to a new account.

There are also no limitations on the number of challenges you may enter simultaneously.

Together with the above requirements, upon completion of Stage 2, our Experts will review your trading activity to assess the level of consistency of your trading strategy before awarding a funded trading account.

Our Experts will consider all of the following points when evaluating your account:

  • A Maximum of 20%-30% of your overall profit to be earned in a single trading day.

  • Reasonable trade sizes in relation to capital. (This is reviewed across several factors such as assets traded, time of day, and week together with other factors affecting the market conditions).

  • When trades are scaled.

  • Position sizes before and during major news events and/or market closures.

  • Consistency in position sizes whilst trading.

  • The use and adjustments of stops and limits.

Following the evaluation, our Experts will decide if the trading strategy implemented suits our risk appetite.

This will result in either being granted or denied a funded trading account or being offered a pass to our Stage 3 Verification to further assess your trading strategy.