What platform can I use to trade?

Our primary trading platform is TradeLocker, but we have multiple platforms available when purchasing your Challenge.

What instruments can I trade? 

You are free to trade any available instruments on the platform (Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices, and Crypto). 

What is the leverage of the accounts?


Our leverage is fixed at 1:100 across all instruments. 

Can I hold trades over the weekend? 


There are no restrictions on holding your trades open, however, bear in mind that Swap Fees would apply when holding your positions open past end-of-day server time. For more information, please click here

Is Crypto Trading allowed? 




Can I use Expert Advisors (EA) and Forex bots? 




What type of trading style can I use? 


You may make use of every trading style while respecting the Challenge requirements.


Can I trade the news? 




Are there restrictions on lot sizes? 


You are free to trade as many lots as you would like.

Can I restart a Challenge without paying the fees? 

If you are participating in the Funded Challenge and would like to try a different approach or make some adjustments to your existing strategy, you can use the Reset Challenge feature. This feature will allow you to restart your Challenge at any point during Stage 1 and repurchase with a 20% discount. For further information on how to reset your challenge click here.


How many Challenges can I purchase? 


You are able to purchase as many Challenges as you wish, either one after another or in parallel.