Our 20% Withdrawal Bonus will give you extra credit if you hold the funds in your trading account, opening the doors to new entry points and market opportunities. 

 How does it work?

When requesting a withdrawal, you will be presented with an option to proceed as usual and withdraw your funds, or you can decide to keep your funds in the account and claim the 20% bonus.

After filling in your withdrawal request, you can choose between two options:

Grant bonus offers you the opportunity to earn 20% from your withdrawal which is presented in the points value. 

Example: 20% of 50USD = 10 points (pts)

How to use my points?

To receive your bonus select the MetaTrader account on which you would like to receive your bonus points and confirm the transfer. 

For each 1 standard lot traded, your points will redeem into $5 of real balance on your MetaTrader account.

To access the Terms & Conditions: click here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there anything that affects my ability to use the points?

  • Since you need  to trade a number of lots to redeem your points, the only thing that can affect redeeming them is the inability to trade. This can be caused by a lack of margin in your trading account (meaning you need to add more money to open certain trades), or you have a negative balance, meaning you will be blocked from trading until more funds are deposited.

How much lots do I need to trade to redeem X points?

  • If you have 100 points, for example, you will need to trade 100/$5 =20 Lots. Therefore youwill need to trade 20 lots of any instrument/s to unlock all your points. Once they are unlocked they can either be traded or withdrawn.