Prioritizing the security of your account and funds, we may require you to undergo a Live Selfie request during withdrawals as an additional protective measure. 

Understanding the Live Selfie Request:

The Live Selfie request serves as a verification tool to ensure the safety of your account, involving swift facial recognition for identity confirmation.

How to Complete the Live Selfie Request for Fund Withdrawal:

  • Upon initiating a withdrawal, you'll receive a notification on your account prompting you to confirm your identity: "Your recent withdrawal request is pending your action: Click here to confirm your identity."

  • An email with the same instructions will also be sent to you.

  • Click the "Verify" button either within the email or on the platform.

  • Upon selecting "Verify," the platform will redirect you to a window where you'll need to complete the Live Selfie request.

  • Follow the provided instructions: face the camera, ensure your face is within the frame, and slowly rotate your face around the circle.

  • Once the Live Selfie request is successfully completed, you'll receive a confirmation message: "Your face scan was successful. Continue."

That's all! Your withdrawal has successfully undergone the Live Selfie request and is now on its way.